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Origami Umbrella


Поделки по книгам сайта Оригами Origami Umbrella Бумага

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В избранных: 13
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Summer umbrella.

Summer umbrella. фото 1

Unfortunately not easy to open...

Summer umbrella. фото 2

This umbrella might be usefull for dad.

Summer umbrella. фото 3

My lovely students made their origami umbrellas in no time.

Summer umbrella. фото 4

Here is a simple to make little origami umbrella. I got the idea from this website:


The little girl gives her comments in Japanese. Well, I don't speak Japanese but the demo is very easy to follow.

Hope you'll find it useful, my Russian friends :)




Beautiful umbrella! I"ll try to do  it with my daugter супер!

Гайдаенко Елена

Замечательный зонтик! бравоСпасибо!благодарю


Thank you for your nice comments. Just a hint: using wrapping paper (for present boxes) will make your umbrellas bright and right for the occasion. E.g. paper with Happy Birthday! writing, balloons, cakes, etc. will look nice on a birthday umbrella. Or you could decorate paper first using mandalla patterns: http://allforchildren.ru/paint/index_mandala.php



Very nice!!!


very nice umberlla hahahahahaahahahaha I do this on my lesson with my Teacher ..omg Zuzia and Magda ;D